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Tarek Associates safeguards your privacy.

Effective from 19 September 2019


We value your privacy and therefore we are committed to protecting your information with us. We clearly state our policy and its terms so that you can have an idea of how the information is going to be used.

The privacy policy is a legal document that talks about customers’ data and its usages. The content of privacy policy depends upon the applicable law according to the respective country and jurisdiction. As there is no universal guideline that every organization should follow, Tarek Associates too provides an example form similar to many other organizations.

Tarek Associates considers your privacy to ensure the validity of your shared data. Whatever you share with us, we keep them safe and secure with our sound efforts. The privacy policy will explain how Tarek Associates processes your shared information either directly or indirectly.

Firstly, we would like to differentiate the two terms, user and visitor. The user is the one with whom we share a relation whereas the visitor is the one, who just visits the front-end website.

Whether it is about user or visitor, Tarek Associates takes both into consideration while preparing for the privacy policy. Every information stored in our server is treated as confidential in various terms. We store them carefully by keeping the various aspects in mind. We apply organizational measures to protect personal data from any unauthorized processing of data. Any unlawful activity is treated under the policy. Your consent is most important to us, where our privacy policy lies.

Website Policy

Tarek Associates takes website policy as a crucial part of the entire privacy policy. The section is dedicated to the visitors to our website Whenever one visits the website, we ask for your grant for taking any information. When we ask you for certain information, you can see the privacy statement there for assurance.

We pursue the right to change the website policy and statement at any time. Therefore, you should not take the statement for granted. One needs to check it well to ensure that you are comfortable with the changes or not.

Tarek Associates may collect the personal data that one volunteers to us via our website. The consent will be entirely voluntary. If you don’t grant the requested consent, you may face prohibition from using the website. Furthermore, if you have accepted and signed for consultation or other activities, we may process the information. The personal data may include your IP address, first and last name, postal and mailing address, contact information and many more. This can also comprise your social media details, from where we can retrieve your public information for our further process.

Our motive behind gathering such details from the visitors and users is to get to know more about them and our relationship as well. We can put those pieces of information for the sake of our performances and services. From the geolocation data to the time spent on our website, every tiny detail contributes to the betterment of our services.

Website visitors and cookies

Whenever one visitor visits our website, the page may ask for your permission in terms of cookies. A cookie is a small file that gets placed into your PC’s hard drive after your approval for the same. This further helps to analyze web traffic. Additionally, it lets you know when and how often you visit the website. Here, web applications also respond to you as an individual one.

Cookies help us to provide a better website to you as we can monitor your preferences about the different webpages. We use any data or information for our statistical analysis. After that, the data is removed from the system to prevent any doubts or agony. The web application tailors the operation about your needs, preferences, likes, and dislikes. It gathers and remembers the data to serve you better, every time.

Though most web browsers are created in the way to accept the cookies spontaneously, you can manage it by their settings. It is up to you whether you want to accept the cookies or not. Your explicit consent matters to allow us to process any personal data. From the pages clicked to visitors’ locations, every data is important to us.

Links to other websites

Our official website may contain some links to various websites. These links will let you leave our website and will direct you to the specific one. You must note that we are not responsible for the conversation between you and that website. Your privacy and protection become the matter of that website, where you are getting the transfer. Now, you need to exercise the questions and privacy concerns of that website.

The acceptance of the conditions

Tarek Associates has included all the necessary cautions. If you visit our website, we assume that you have read the terms carefully. Every user or visitor of our website must read the document and agree to its terms. We reserve the right to change the policy whenever it is needed. As privacy policy is an essential part of our terms of use, you must take it into your consent for visiting the page. If you disagree with the privacy policy, you should refrain from using the website or specific services.

Personal information disclosure

You are not compelled to share your information with us. There are a few ways to restrict the collection of your personal information. When you visit a website and you are asked to fill a form, you should see for asked questions. If there are some questions you are not willing to answer, look for the box to intimate the same. Additionally, if it looks you as a direct marketing purpose, you can avoid that too.

If you have agreed to the direct marketing purpose data collection and now, you have changed the mind, you can contact us via emailing or any available source. We neither sell nor distribute your information to any third party to make tangible profits, especially if it is not with your consent.

We abide by the Data Protection Act 1998 and therefore, if you would like to have some information about the same, you can write to us. Tarek Associates has a Data Protection Officer, who is responsible for privacy and data protection matters.

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Disabling your account

Please note that deleting your account login doesn’t remove your information we hold with us. If you wish to unsubscribe our communication, you can click on the unsubscribe link that is given below in the email. But to remove the entire information from our system, you must contact us.

Contact information

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